10. The journey goes south

I blame the shortness on the interface

The party goes shopping in Wolverton for upgrading bling bling for their hard earned gold.
Skillganon insists on using gold on starting real wealth he knows from the steppes and buys 3 ponies at a fair price.

Meanwhile Garurimm LaZimullia Darkosoule “Galdan” and Nibor Hoegefar takes off with the costly book of the Damned. The remaining party must try to catch up. The ferry across the river cost almost as much gold as the ponies.

From the far side of the river the trail leads south towards Cassimir. First night camp is set in a pleasant looking clearing. It would have been pleasant if not for the lurking spiders setting an ambush. Skillganon suddenly finds himself entangled in a creation from yet another bad web designer.

2 more spiders and a nasty looking humanoid with a spiders face join the fight. Flames, bombs and cold steel are the partys respons to bad hosting service.

The next morning they pass along the druids stronghold of Isle of Arenway. Briana Waters is forced to accept the druids cannot be grazed with her presence as there a no means of transporting them to the island.

Later the same day they stumble upon a sign poiting towards Hamond Hunting Lodge. It turns out the two lost friends are staying at the lodge. Presently they are out in the woods looking at hawks. Their bags are still in the lodge so the party decides to stay for the night and wait.
In the dark of the night Brianna are awoken by noise. She alarms the rest and they walks to the main door were somebody is knocking. Meanwhile noises are comming from the locked room where Galdan and H√łghefars stuff are.
The door handle is steaming hot. Two burning skeletons blows the door. They are soon smashed by Bonus holy water and clubbing sandwich.

Outside a zombie waits around the corner. A dark figure emerges from the window carrying the bbok of the damned.

Bonus bombs kills the horse beneath the rider and he is swarmed by the angry party delivering angry mob justice. He is burned and backstabbed quicker than a teenage girl.
In his backpack they find a letter.



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