3. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

A couple of days before Malvenos Liaiamne had seen tracks in the snow to and from the gate as if someone had been sneaking around.

When the party turns in for the night in their room it is with the old lock-on-the-and-barbarian-in-front-of-the-door-trick. Hours later they jump from the beds awoken by loud noises from outside. The noise apears to be an open door to the justice hall flinging in the wind. But the question is who could have opened the door. Inside on the floor is a dead and mutilated fox.

While Skilgannon wakes old Ruan Gloyne Briana Waters brings real help in person of Malvenos Liaiamne.

Next morning as the honest hearted bury the fox in the garden a window suddenly blows open in Ruan Gloynes room which is soon cold and full of snow. No magic or poision is present and before anyone can be puzzled a cry is heard from nearby Ythel Frayne who was inches from beeing struck dead by an overlay stone from the door to his cell. Allready scared Rosenn Ursell barricades herself in her cell – refusing to enter an uncertain dangerous world. Beliving in honesty Briana Waters is helpfull enough to asure her of the truth in her fear.

During the night the party keeps watch and Nibor Hoegefar learns the dangers of cold weather and Skilgannon learns that barbarians should listen to others or freeze. A secret hug-and-rub-a-thon is held by the cold heroes to get their blood pumping. All very professional and only for survial of course….

Briana Waters searches the kitchen and find a hidden pot of poision which she carries to safety in their room.

Next day the storm quiets and Tomas Lelean ask them to help gathering fire wood. On the edge of the forrest on a small hill overlooking the abbey and the gate they find footprints from what must be goblins.

At return they discover the staues of Iomedei have been turned over and smashed.
The night is yet again spend on watch – and this time someone comes visiting. Three shapes appears and reveils themselves as two goblins in the courtyard and an undead lurking in the shadows by the door to their chamber. Briana Waters turns her magic waterhose on the goblin shaman as Nibor Hoegefar
realizes undeads are not stopped nor bothered by arrows.
Skilgannons style of fighting lack the elegance and proves effective. Merrily chopping down the first goblin he rushes to the aid of Nibor Hoegefar.
After some brutal wawing of the swords Nibor Hoegefar is slashed in the eagerness of making the undead both un and dead. Maybe it is not only the ugliness and lacking social skills that is hampering Skilgannon.
The shaman weakened by the powerfull magic is send to the ground by a lucky swing by Skilgannon. A bit of magic brings back the dazzled Nibor Hoegefar. Going to
Malvenos Liaiamne they learn that he in the darkness of his chamber slain two goblins.
Now gathered they rush towards the screaming from the other inhabitants.



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