4. ... There just might be a Gremlin in your house


The sound of the screams led them to the infirmary. Here they found one of the inhabitants of the monastery under attack by skeleton. Skilgannon leads the charge and inflicts heavy damage on the undead creature and Hoegefar follows up with a well-placed arrow, which makes the skeleton shatter into pieces. Upset with the frag-steal Skilgannon rushes on to find more enemies.

The latest intern in the party who goes by the name of Bonus finds an evil half-goblin outside the monk chambers. Before he can take action, the half-goblin hits him with evil and colorful magic sending him into a trance. Skilgannon and Briana chases the goblin and strikes it down without mercy. When they search the cell of Tomas they discover, that the chamber shows sign of battle and blood spatter on the wall, but there is no sign of Tomas.

Now the only place left to check for goblin invaders is the Main Hall.
The party kicks in the large door to the main hall and charges in. They find a group of goblins trying to destroy the old monastery relics in the Main Hall. The fighting goes well and the main part of the goblins are slain almost immediately. During the fighting goblin arrows shoot out from a hidden archer. Skilgannon goes into a mindless frenzy and completely disregards every rule in the “party-fighting-protocols”. He steps into the cross fire of Høgefar and takes an arrow in the back. The potent shot knocks him off his feet and results in a coma. In the meantime, an especially evil looking goblin mage stands at the altar with a dagger raised above his head. Below him on the altar is the lifeless body of Tomas.

Malvenos appears in the door of the Main Hall and sees that Skilgannon is out cold and needs help. He gives him a healing potion and in the blink of an eye, the mindless killing machine known as Skilgannon is back on the rampage. He slays the goblin mage before it can strike its dagger into the chest of the unconscious Tomas and ends the attack of the goblins.



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