6. Black swan

In the chasm the sound of running water is louder than the occational explotion heard from the direction of Bonus Santar.

They find the underground river, and will have to pass it on slippery rocks. Skilgannon volunteers for the assignment, as a slip on the rocks can’t possibly make him any uglier. His dexterity is however as bad as his looks and he falls in the river. The rest of the party pulls him back to shore using the robe, that has been tied around his waist. While doing so arrows start flying around there faces.

Once more Skilgannon tries and this time the light of Iomedea shines on him as he speeds across. Briana Waters and Nibor Hoegefar fires arrows and mumbojumbo back at the half goblin across the river, but their skills are failing causing a lot of wailing (yes – he is a poet and he doesn’t even know it). Skilgannon charges the poor fellow and it doesn’t take many strokes from Skilgannons fast blades before the half goblin is uglier and more dead than Skilgannon. Skilgannon happily announces that “everyone could have done the same…. but adding noo the can’t, no they can’t its only me he he”

Both Bonus and Briana tries their luck on the slippery rocks and they both fall in the water. Bonus rescues himself and Skilgannon rescues the treehugger.

After a short break trying to dry their clothes the party continues their spelunking in the cave complex where they find a bloody handprint on the wall, which they hope is from Ruan Gloyne. They increase the speed in the hope, that they will find him alive.

They stumble on a chamber where they find a chest holding a lot of broken Iomedea memorabilia, that have been taken from the monastery. The urgency of the situation is getting to our heroes and they speed on stumbling into a larger chamber, where they in the flickering torchlight see a plateau where Ruan lies bond on an altar. Ythel Frayne stands on the plateau with a skull symbol cover with burned flesh (yes the similarity to the face of Skilgannon is mind numbing). Below the altar is a pit filled with burned corpses.

Ythel shouts out “Now he will be punished for all his wrong doings” and he raises a knife over his head. The party charges but are meet halfway by three abominations. Bonus throws a vial of holy water in the face of the first one which kills it. Only the swift intervention from Briana saves Ruan as she hits Ythel with lightning which causes a lot of confusing mumbojumbo to be cast and Ythel disappear. Skilgannon reacts by running out to the entrance which he fills with caltrops. An enlarged version (not the kind you get emails regarding) of Bonus finishes the last two abominations.

As the fight continues in the ante chamber Skilgannon returns and in horror sees Nibor nocking an arrow and fire it strait at Skilgannon the arrow however stops in midair! A groin is heard and a hard pressed Ythel returns to the realm of the seeing. Big Bonus grappes him quickly and Skilgannon and Briana pommels him like a pinjata.



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