7. You look like seasoned adventures

Who needs seasoning when you find a true Gibson

Before the heroes depart on the journey to follow Eiravel to her birthtown Bossin Ryans has farewell treats in form of identifying a magic breastplate and a sixpack of holy water.
Eiravel suggest the long route around Swallowfeld due to a standing misunderstanding between her an villagers who feel ownership of an item, which Eiravel has found herself possesing.

The road is safe from angry townfolk but not from goblins. Skillganon get af glimpse of one. As he charges the creature with screams promissing a quick and bloody death 5 more appears and it seems like they fell into a trap.
Nibor kills the two standing closest and within the reach of Skilganons deadly but now idle sword forced on the move for living targets.

Eiravel scares of two more with terrible ghost sounds and puts the two reminding to sleeps. Skilganon heroricly upgrades a goblins temporary sleep to a permanent one.

Brianna hunts a goblin into the wood where is suddenly explodes for no apparent reason. Bonus is afterwards very pleased with his hail mary bomb.

Arriving in Wolverton they find lodgings at the “Troubadour”. During the nights merry drinking Eiravel discloses that she is in fact a tiefling. The friends dont get offended by her dewilsh ancestery.
They sell some lot, while Bonus cooks up some potions in their room.

In the inn they are contacted by an olderly woman who applores them to go outside of town and help a rich hafling Trevor Gibson. Because the look like seasoned adventures.
Hours later the halfling tells the story of a lost caravan (for his Ma?) what he claims was attacked by goblins. He is wiiling to pay 20 GP for each stolen barrel of wine and 50 GP for each of his missing employees. He is willing to hire our herores as they look like seasoned adventures…
A small boy whose parents both got lost saw the attack. He was able to tell the attacker was tall as humans and ugly as the half orc but talked different and had red faces.
Someone points out the brigands could be hobgoblins.
The leader of them was the ugliest of them all.
There were more attackers than the 9 lost people of the caravan.
Gibson draws up a map of the likely place of assault.

They walk back the village, west and goes north by the apple trees. In a ditch they find two bodies and tracks from them to an intrance to a cave. They storm the cave and kills the 2 hobgoblins that is on guard duty and has the audacity to shoot arrows at them.
In the fighting Skilganon find himself questining his skills as he swings with out hitting the targets before finally to drop one of his swords.
But Skilganon only needs one sword to skewer an enemy…



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