8. Behind the Curtain

They enter the cave system and discovers that its covered – not in bees – but in hieroglyphs! A band of hieroglyphs runs along the walls on both sides of the tunnel. The mighty wizard Garurimm LaZimullia Darkosoule “Galdan” seems to think that its profanities. But the rest of the party really thinks that everyone can translate the hieroglyphs – and not only Galdan.

They turn right after a little while, and they come upon an entrance to a chamber covered by a curtain – whats behind it you wonder? Well a sight as displeasing as the features of Skilgannons face – a Kobold stares him in the eye, as he looks inside. Skilgannons reaction is to quickly step in (ignoring the meaner looking bastard whos armor has just been donned) and slice up the poor Kobolds face more than a futuristic game of fruit ninja would allow!

The Kobold captain however proves a much tougher challenge even though the party fights him 3 to 1. Briana Waters uses her bush or what ever it is she uses to call forth lightning that shakes the Kobold captain – who in response uses Skilgannons face as a canvas for an abstact pain(ting). Which drops him like a sack of unwanted turnips. Luckily the hand of Iomedea shines on him, and raises the unwanted back of turnips back from the dead.

The other people in the party however discovers that the injury Skilgannon has suffered has given him a weasing breath and he can now only whisper.

A letter is found talking about the ease of plundering in this area and the lack of skills of the captains lackeys. An always observant Briana Waters discovers a secret door. Here a dwarven women Amber is being held captive. To her luck she is found by our company of heroes – as the captain was looking forward to hurting her.

Briana finds yet another secret door – (Skilgannon wonders if watching the forest bush really causes one to become so observant). Behind they find the missing barrels of whine and a barrel of bloodmead, which they discard as unholy.

The parties ever stalwart ventures further in where they find a corridor with lots of doors – and a couple of Kobolds standing guard. One of these looking a lot like Garurimm LaZimullia Darkosoule “Galdan” – no not stupid – but more like mumbojombo! Which is exactly what the Kobold cast. This or some other effect, suddenly causes the runes around to glow and its spreads like wild fire in all directions. The party ready for a good fight is nearly trampled by the Kobolds who now looks very pale. Luckily Galdan understands goblin, and he translates that they flee as a world of hurt apparently follows in the wake of glowing runes!



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