5. Who are you gonna call?

At the Priory of Cymer the assault doesn’t seem to be over and the group ready themselves for the next ordeal. Skilgammon excepted as he must go to the infirmary with a bad case of uglyface.

Ruan the Prior is still missing and the next place to look seems to be the spooky crypt. Since Arianna the Druid provide light using magic, Nibor the Ranger shakes the scary feel and casually pockets an everburning torch as he finds out it isn’t actually heating anything. They descend the steep stairwell under the altar and enter the crypt where former priests are resting. The air grows chill as our heroes find themselves cornered by the ghost of Marel, priest of Iomedei. Marel is unrelenting in his hatred for the servants of Braal and the three only barely convince Marel that they a friends of the Priory and are looking for Ruan. Marel demands they prove it by finding the Book of True and Present Light. They do, and in such a convincing manner that Marel offers a blessed aspergillum to Bonus the Alchemist, who gratefully accepts.

While the ghost returns to his slumber, Nibor cleans up the goblins who woke Marel up in the first place and the adventures leave the crypt through a rocky tunnel going further underground. They arrive at a large and suspiciously quiet cave filled with stalactites/mites/whatever. The far side half of the cave is a chasm and as they are looking over the edge, the group is attacked by a pair of zombies. They are charging surprisingly fast from their hiding from the side of the chasm and they begin to shove the elven druid towards the edge as the adventures scramble to defend themselves. No one is especially eager to stand in the front line but Bonus finds his newly gifted weapon and fills it with holy water. As the zombies come in for another bull rush, the aspergillum comes down hard and both undead are soaked in holy water and are slain in one fell swoop. Some gods may be against Bonus but Iomedei isn’t one of them!

Another two zombies charge from a hole. They are kited and slain mostly from a distance with darts, bolts and arrows. After the battle the adventures begin to climb down a ledge on the 70 feet chasm using a rope. Each of them wavering dangerously at some point all three get down with only scratches. Once at the bottom the group moves towards an opening where water can be heard, that is, if you don’t fumble your attempt to listen.


ha ha ha

Skilgammon excepted as he must go to the infirmary with a bad case of uglyface.

5. Who are you gonna call?

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