Eiravel Soleruil


Although always marked as different, Eiravel had no idea of her true heritage until she was 13‐years‐old. The slum in which she was dwelling caught fire when a wizard accidentally summoned a fire elemental that subsequently ran amok. Surviving the resultant fire (thanks to her heritage), she found the wizard’s smouldering corpse and looted his spellbook, which she then parleyed for formal training.

Eirave ’s childhood was tough and loveless. She constantly acts assured but really just wants someone to protect her. If someone is not strong enough to do so, she uses them mercilessly. She loves to carve wooden figurines of animal and can craft beautiful sculptures. She rarely shows her creations to anyone.

When upset or stressed, Eiravel compulsively taps her right foot on the floor.

Distinguishing Features:
Outwardly Eiravel is human, but a few subtle clues point to her true heritage. A faint smell of brimstone hangs in the air around her (which she disguises with a heavy perfume) and when she is in darkness her eyes give off a faint red glow (she always keeps a candle burning nearby to mitigate this effect).


Eiravel Soleruil

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