Blessed Aspergillum

weapon (melee)


This silver object resembles a light mace, but many tiny holes
perforate its head. A cap at the end of the handle unscrews
revealing that the item is hollow. Runes decorate its shaft.

Lore A character succeeding on a DC 10 Knowledge (religion)
check identifies this as an aspergillum. Priests use such items
to sprinkle holy water over penitents or items of religious
significance. A character able to read Celestial can translate
the runes upon it, which read “Light smites the darkness.”

Abilities Sprinkling a weapon with holy water from a blessed
aspergillum has the same effect as a bless weapon spell. The
aspergillum can hold an entire vial of holy water and such an
amount of liquid can cover three weapons. Doused weapons
glow with radiance equal to a candle (increasing the light
level by one step in a 5 ft. radius) while blessed. The holy
aspergillum can affect a maximum of three weapons a day in
this fashion.

The blessed aspergillum doubles as a silvered light mace [1d6 / x2]. If filled
with holy water, the first successful attack coats the target in
holy water (affecting undead or evil outsiders as normal [2d4
damage and any such creatures within 5 ft. take 1 damage
from the splash]). Refilling the blessed aspergillum is a move

Activation: use activated (standard action)
Aura: faint transmutation (DC 16 Spellcraft); CL 3rd
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, bless weapon; Cost 2,250 gp


Blessed Aspergillum

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