2. Choir of young belivers

The cold wind and hostile environment is to much for Nibor Hoegefar – who falls ill and has to be put in the cart.

The snowfall and the wind is turning into a blizzard, which sends our young heroes astray. Suddenly the party spots a couple of wolfs, and the greenpeace activist Briana Waters is using her hippie skills to turn them a way. Unfortunately for her it turns out to be the wolf of wall street – so much as expected by Skilgannon, the wolf starts to suckle her like candy. Garurimm LaZimullia Darkosoule “Galdan” tries some mumbo jombo on the big bad wolf, but that turns out as ugly as Skilgannons face. Brianna calls forth the elements on the wolf, to little avail – but at this point Skilgannon reaches the wolf which he skewers! 2 swift strokes of his swords defeats the other wolf.

The hippie surprises everyone, when she starts to skin the wolfs. But I guess hippies wears hide armor after all.

After a couple of hours more in the blizzard the party reaches the Priory of Cymer where they are greated by Malvenos Liaiamne. He takes us to Ruan Gloyne the prior. They also meet Ythel Frayne a half elf cleric, who seems to be into the bushy Druid – and is unpleasing to Skilgannon which only the gods know why???

They move into the atrium where the party sees Rosenn Ursell, who runs away crying. Skilgannon takes the blame and excuses for being so horrifically ugly. She explains that the reason is that her village was destroyed by orcs, and she finds it terrifying that we have brought a half-orc into the monastery. – Skilgannon thinks that sounds a bit exaggerated and still expects, that his ugly face holds the blame.

The following day a dead bird is found in the monastery, and Brianna discovers that it has been poisoned.

1. A sick friend

half_goblin.jpgOur story begins at the confluence of the Verduran Fork and Sellen River in the heart of the Wildwood forest. Its the year 4710 the weather is cold as per usual in the month is Neth. Here a band of young adventures (Nibor Hoegefar, Galdan and Skilgannon). They are fortune seekers who have ganged up hunting for pelts, glory and honor. This under the strict supervision of the druid Content Not Found: brianne-waters of the Wildwood Lodge.

Galdon has fallen ill and the skills needed for healing him is – as much else in the world – beyond Brianna – though she seems not to think so. In light of this incompetency our party has set out from Swallowfeld and are heading for Priory of Cymer hoping that the priests of the monastery are closer to their god than Brianne is to her herbs.

The strong and proud – yet utterly displeasing to the eye – Skilgannon is single handedly pulling the cart through the mud – probably slowing the party down – but what can you do?

They encounter a road block and drop to a ready stance as danger seems eminent! With weapons drawn the party moves toward the blockade. Halfway there the keen eyes of Skilgannon sees a couple of heads and as he is about to charge he takes a bolt to the chest with so much force that you would think that Grymblor was behind it. With blood running from his mouth Skilgannon drops to the ground, knowing that his friends will surely parish without his aid.

Brianna calls out to the squirrels and vines of the wood, which immediately answers her call by entangling the 2 figures behind the barricades. – This happens you understand while the hero Skilgannon looks up accusingly at the treehugger. Nibor is putting his trusted bow to use, but as no one have brought with them a barn he is incapable of hitting anything. Meanwhile an ambushing monster starts to shoot at our misfortunate heroes.

FINALLY Brianne applies herself in the service of healing Skilgannon who swiftly jumps to his feet mumbling something about the healing may have healed the wound in his chest but has done nothing to dull the pain in his heart. He charges the two Half-goblins behind the barricade and his two swords deals with them quickly. While Brianne engages the last monster in melee, Nibor fires left and right with more arrows hitting then not by now. The only thing Brianna achieves before she is dropped by the monster is trimming some bush with her quarterstaff.

The monster charges our frail friend Nibor who is defeated quickly. The monsters all out attack has however made it open to the angry attacks from Skilgannon who powers home both attacks and kills the last of them – in fact he is the hero of the hour as he single handedly defeats all of them!


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