12. Abandon ship!

Bonus throws óne bomb that kills one of the half-orcs. First blow from Skilgannon also kills a half-orc. Nibor is the first one to hit and miss (embarrasing) – much like Skilgannons luck with girls he mumbles.

Bonus misses his attack but the bomb splashes all over Skilgannon, who skillfully deflects some of the fire to the nearby half-orc who drops dead.
Skilgannon strikes the last one down as it looks on in horror as Skilgannons gets even uglier by the flames.

Here they find the prisoners. Who explains “Sestis was with us, but we were split up. The only word they could decipher out of their strange orcish language is “Luscilia”.

Nibors hawkeyes detects a hatch that gives access to the hull of the ship – where he finds as much gold as a gipsy has in his pockets.

Skilgannon hears a woman shout “Asmodues – where are you my orcs”. Like a viper in the tall grass – the party starts to sneak up through the ship getting ever closer to the prey being a woman shouting to the orcs about the condition of her slaves.

Once they are on deck, they see a cleric like woman and 2 zombies!
Bonus throws holy water on the two zombies and Skilgannon enlarges his penis to double size! – moves up to the lady and whisper-shouts to her “nu slår jeg dig kraften æde mig ihjel” (på nordjysk).

Skilgannon kills a zombie but his flurry of blows nearly causes him to fumble. The evil woman withdraws but Bonus gives her a cloud solution causing her – he hopes – to lose her spell casting abilities.
Nibor tries to make a porcupine out of the last zombie. This just causes it to get angry and it delivers more damage to Skilgannon than the taunting of his tribes chieftain ever could. But THIS makes Skilgannon very angry and his now penis enhanced swords cuts it to pieces.

A brave move by Bonus saves the day, as he moves up to evil Cleric and throws a bomb in her face from 5 feet away – which blows her to kingdom come.
The prisoners scatter into the city night, and the feeling of being robbed is once more in Skilgannons heart. He mumbles, that a successful hunt always brings glory, trophy and bounty to the hunter.
On the clerics body they found a letter and a map.
To my dearest Lucilia,
X-marks the spots
Signed Dalirio Teppish

The x is marked on the large shipyard.

In the pathfinder society, Hestia tells the party that the Teppish family used to very well renowned in Taldor in the olden days. It was thought that the family was extinct.

11. All aboard the empty ship!

We followed Nibor’s bird which lead us to the house of the Pathfinder Society in Cassomir, where we were greeted by Hestia Themis. She offered a quick entry into the Society if we sold the Evil Book to them. We agreed and Galdan chose to follow the book to Corvosa, where he is going to study it in company of the Society elders.

Today we got our first mission as Pathfinders. Dozens of citizens of Cassomir have been abducted over the two last month. The Pathfinders have looked into the case, but now one of our own, Cestis, have been abducted and we must take action. At the same time a member of the rivaling organisation, Aspis Consortium, has been abducted. His name is Kafar and his young companion Nefti has contacted the Pathfinder Society to plead for help and to offer information. These exceptional circumstances call for cooperation between the organisations and we have been chosen to solve the situation, following the nervous young man, Nefti.

We are lead to the harbor, to an inn closed down for repair, where the abductors were last seen. Inside we find rats of all kinds: Small rats, big rats, ratmen and a human rat catcher who seems to control the smaller ones. A ball of fire, several bombs and some slicing and dicing later we free the abductees in the inn.

Kafar is among them and he tells us all of them were attacked and caught an auction house by some foul-smelling half-orcs. The head of the auction quotes on of the half-orcs:
“When Ismako arrives, we’re going to earn a lot of money for the cause, by selling all of these slaves on the market in Cheliax.”
We conclude that the abductors must be cultist from the evil, warring nation out west. The man from the auction house also tell us that Cestis of the Pathfinder Society was taken from the inn and possibly brought something called ‘the Prancing Prince’. Our guess is that it’s a ship or a boat so we hurry out to look for the it, while Nefti and Kafar and the rest return to their homes.

The harbor office is closed so Nibor is extremely generous towards some young beggars who point us in the direction of the large galleon. The figure at the front of the galleon represents Prince Stavian, the leader of Taldor. Bonus and Skilgannon dress up as sailors while Nibor sneaks aboard the ship. On the deck we find nothing but the sound of the ocean and the creaking of wood. Under deck we find boring ship’s logs, including the information that the ship originally was a slave ship from Quadina. We also find ballastis without bolts and only food enough to get to Wescrown in Chilliax. The rooms with papers have not been used recently, but the beds have. The ships seems deserted until we enter the lowest level. Four half-orcs stand waiting for us, unarmed but intimidating. On the far side of them sit a group of abductees bound in manacles.

10. The journey goes south
I blame the shortness on the interface

The party goes shopping in Wolverton for upgrading bling bling for their hard earned gold.
Skillganon insists on using gold on starting real wealth he knows from the steppes and buys 3 ponies at a fair price.

Meanwhile Garurimm LaZimullia Darkosoule “Galdan” and Nibor Hoegefar takes off with the costly book of the Damned. The remaining party must try to catch up. The ferry across the river cost almost as much gold as the ponies.

From the far side of the river the trail leads south towards Cassimir. First night camp is set in a pleasant looking clearing. It would have been pleasant if not for the lurking spiders setting an ambush. Skillganon suddenly finds himself entangled in a creation from yet another bad web designer.

2 more spiders and a nasty looking humanoid with a spiders face join the fight. Flames, bombs and cold steel are the partys respons to bad hosting service.

The next morning they pass along the druids stronghold of Isle of Arenway. Briana Waters is forced to accept the druids cannot be grazed with her presence as there a no means of transporting them to the island.

Later the same day they stumble upon a sign poiting towards Hamond Hunting Lodge. It turns out the two lost friends are staying at the lodge. Presently they are out in the woods looking at hawks. Their bags are still in the lodge so the party decides to stay for the night and wait.
In the dark of the night Brianna are awoken by noise. She alarms the rest and they walks to the main door were somebody is knocking. Meanwhile noises are comming from the locked room where Galdan and Høghefars stuff are.
The door handle is steaming hot. Two burning skeletons blows the door. They are soon smashed by Bonus holy water and clubbing sandwich.

Outside a zombie waits around the corner. A dark figure emerges from the window carrying the bbok of the damned.

Bonus bombs kills the horse beneath the rider and he is swarmed by the angry party delivering angry mob justice. He is burned and backstabbed quicker than a teenage girl.
In his backpack they find a letter.

9. The Caves of Dark Obedience

Amidst the commotion Bonus arrives in the caves and grabs a flask from his belt. Skilgannon yells in a hoarse voice, something about a reward. He grabs a barrel of wine and jolts towards the outside. Galdan steps over Briana without hesitation as she stumbled in an attempt to help Galdan with his barrel. Everybody is moving towards the exits when footsteps of the enemy are heard. Bonus throws a grenade blindly down the tunnel, but five undead warriors emerge, unfazed and charging.

Brianna falls within seconds of standing up, as she and Bonus is under attack in the wine room. Bonus holds the position and uses holy water to even the odds. Skilgannon was intercepted in another hallway but manages both his and Bonus’s opponents.

Amber has run ahead and found the rest of the captured caravanners. They are healed while they give Skilgannon a letter from one of the fallen to his loved one, Kerig to Axlan. The caravanners go outside the caves while the the weathered adventures keep exploring the tunnels.

On archways and walls around the are written quotes from the hobgoblins and from writings to Braal, the dumb god with a half a brain. “Prepare yourself! You are entering the home of the Brimstone Baron”, “Hail Braal” and “For every life you take, you get back your own”.

The adventures trigger a trap which releases a black cloud of energy. They stab at it, seemingly without results, until it explodes in storm of negative energy. Further down the tunnels a giant spider ambushed Skilgannon. With the limit room the the tunnels, Skilgannon is left to exchange stabs with the spider until it falls down the hole it came from.

Another two zombies are found and bombed to pieces and another two ever burning torches are put straight into pockets. In the next room a short ghostly shape stands alone. The room is the only without scriptures on the walls likely because the hobgoblins were afraid of the ghost. The adventures talk to her and find out the she was eaten by the spider 400 years ago and really only wants to get out and away from the eating mouths. They decide to escort her out and she is very grateful.

Back in the caves, large pentagrams and tall symbols accompany another three zombies to be blown up. Brianna pulls a pony from her back pocket and Skilgannon decides to cover it in zombie gore with a devastating blow. The intensity increases in the next room. It is extremely uncomfortable and very clear that this room is for celebration of the dark god, Braal. A large zombie wielding a bastard sword stands in front of an altar. Everybody, including the pony, tumble through the door and the zombie is quickly surrounded by heroes, stable animals and plants growing from the floor. Galdan takes some major hits before Iomedei shines through and the servant of Braal is slain by the holy aspergillum.

Back at the mansion the heroes are celebrated and half the wine they saved is probably gone by the morning. Also Galdan picked up an evil tome from the altar, which turns out to be the Book of Dark Obedience, a description of rituals for sacrifices and summoning undead. Now the group is set to find a buyer for this extremely valuable tome without letting it fall into the wrong hands.

8. Behind the Curtain

They enter the cave system and discovers that its covered – not in bees – but in hieroglyphs! A band of hieroglyphs runs along the walls on both sides of the tunnel. The mighty wizard Garurimm LaZimullia Darkosoule “Galdan” seems to think that its profanities. But the rest of the party really thinks that everyone can translate the hieroglyphs – and not only Galdan.

They turn right after a little while, and they come upon an entrance to a chamber covered by a curtain – whats behind it you wonder? Well a sight as displeasing as the features of Skilgannons face – a Kobold stares him in the eye, as he looks inside. Skilgannons reaction is to quickly step in (ignoring the meaner looking bastard whos armor has just been donned) and slice up the poor Kobolds face more than a futuristic game of fruit ninja would allow!

The Kobold captain however proves a much tougher challenge even though the party fights him 3 to 1. Briana Waters uses her bush or what ever it is she uses to call forth lightning that shakes the Kobold captain – who in response uses Skilgannons face as a canvas for an abstact pain(ting). Which drops him like a sack of unwanted turnips. Luckily the hand of Iomedea shines on him, and raises the unwanted back of turnips back from the dead.

The other people in the party however discovers that the injury Skilgannon has suffered has given him a weasing breath and he can now only whisper.

A letter is found talking about the ease of plundering in this area and the lack of skills of the captains lackeys. An always observant Briana Waters discovers a secret door. Here a dwarven women Amber is being held captive. To her luck she is found by our company of heroes – as the captain was looking forward to hurting her.

Briana finds yet another secret door – (Skilgannon wonders if watching the forest bush really causes one to become so observant). Behind they find the missing barrels of whine and a barrel of bloodmead, which they discard as unholy.

The parties ever stalwart ventures further in where they find a corridor with lots of doors – and a couple of Kobolds standing guard. One of these looking a lot like Garurimm LaZimullia Darkosoule “Galdan” – no not stupid – but more like mumbojombo! Which is exactly what the Kobold cast. This or some other effect, suddenly causes the runes around to glow and its spreads like wild fire in all directions. The party ready for a good fight is nearly trampled by the Kobolds who now looks very pale. Luckily Galdan understands goblin, and he translates that they flee as a world of hurt apparently follows in the wake of glowing runes!

7. You look like seasoned adventures
Who needs seasoning when you find a true Gibson

Before the heroes depart on the journey to follow Eiravel to her birthtown Bossin Ryans has farewell treats in form of identifying a magic breastplate and a sixpack of holy water.
Eiravel suggest the long route around Swallowfeld due to a standing misunderstanding between her an villagers who feel ownership of an item, which Eiravel has found herself possesing.

The road is safe from angry townfolk but not from goblins. Skillganon get af glimpse of one. As he charges the creature with screams promissing a quick and bloody death 5 more appears and it seems like they fell into a trap.
Nibor kills the two standing closest and within the reach of Skilganons deadly but now idle sword forced on the move for living targets.

Eiravel scares of two more with terrible ghost sounds and puts the two reminding to sleeps. Skilganon heroricly upgrades a goblins temporary sleep to a permanent one.

Brianna hunts a goblin into the wood where is suddenly explodes for no apparent reason. Bonus is afterwards very pleased with his hail mary bomb.

Arriving in Wolverton they find lodgings at the “Troubadour”. During the nights merry drinking Eiravel discloses that she is in fact a tiefling. The friends dont get offended by her dewilsh ancestery.
They sell some lot, while Bonus cooks up some potions in their room.

In the inn they are contacted by an olderly woman who applores them to go outside of town and help a rich hafling Trevor Gibson. Because the look like seasoned adventures.
Hours later the halfling tells the story of a lost caravan (for his Ma?) what he claims was attacked by goblins. He is wiiling to pay 20 GP for each stolen barrel of wine and 50 GP for each of his missing employees. He is willing to hire our herores as they look like seasoned adventures…
A small boy whose parents both got lost saw the attack. He was able to tell the attacker was tall as humans and ugly as the half orc but talked different and had red faces.
Someone points out the brigands could be hobgoblins.
The leader of them was the ugliest of them all.
There were more attackers than the 9 lost people of the caravan.
Gibson draws up a map of the likely place of assault.

They walk back the village, west and goes north by the apple trees. In a ditch they find two bodies and tracks from them to an intrance to a cave. They storm the cave and kills the 2 hobgoblins that is on guard duty and has the audacity to shoot arrows at them.
In the fighting Skilganon find himself questining his skills as he swings with out hitting the targets before finally to drop one of his swords.
But Skilganon only needs one sword to skewer an enemy…

6. Black swan

In the chasm the sound of running water is louder than the occational explotion heard from the direction of Bonus Santar.

They find the underground river, and will have to pass it on slippery rocks. Skilgannon volunteers for the assignment, as a slip on the rocks can’t possibly make him any uglier. His dexterity is however as bad as his looks and he falls in the river. The rest of the party pulls him back to shore using the robe, that has been tied around his waist. While doing so arrows start flying around there faces.

Once more Skilgannon tries and this time the light of Iomedea shines on him as he speeds across. Briana Waters and Nibor Hoegefar fires arrows and mumbojumbo back at the half goblin across the river, but their skills are failing causing a lot of wailing (yes – he is a poet and he doesn’t even know it). Skilgannon charges the poor fellow and it doesn’t take many strokes from Skilgannons fast blades before the half goblin is uglier and more dead than Skilgannon. Skilgannon happily announces that “everyone could have done the same…. but adding noo the can’t, no they can’t its only me he he”

Both Bonus and Briana tries their luck on the slippery rocks and they both fall in the water. Bonus rescues himself and Skilgannon rescues the treehugger.

After a short break trying to dry their clothes the party continues their spelunking in the cave complex where they find a bloody handprint on the wall, which they hope is from Ruan Gloyne. They increase the speed in the hope, that they will find him alive.

They stumble on a chamber where they find a chest holding a lot of broken Iomedea memorabilia, that have been taken from the monastery. The urgency of the situation is getting to our heroes and they speed on stumbling into a larger chamber, where they in the flickering torchlight see a plateau where Ruan lies bond on an altar. Ythel Frayne stands on the plateau with a skull symbol cover with burned flesh (yes the similarity to the face of Skilgannon is mind numbing). Below the altar is a pit filled with burned corpses.

Ythel shouts out “Now he will be punished for all his wrong doings” and he raises a knife over his head. The party charges but are meet halfway by three abominations. Bonus throws a vial of holy water in the face of the first one which kills it. Only the swift intervention from Briana saves Ruan as she hits Ythel with lightning which causes a lot of confusing mumbojumbo to be cast and Ythel disappear. Skilgannon reacts by running out to the entrance which he fills with caltrops. An enlarged version (not the kind you get emails regarding) of Bonus finishes the last two abominations.

As the fight continues in the ante chamber Skilgannon returns and in horror sees Nibor nocking an arrow and fire it strait at Skilgannon the arrow however stops in midair! A groin is heard and a hard pressed Ythel returns to the realm of the seeing. Big Bonus grappes him quickly and Skilgannon and Briana pommels him like a pinjata.

5. Who are you gonna call?

At the Priory of Cymer the assault doesn’t seem to be over and the group ready themselves for the next ordeal. Skilgammon excepted as he must go to the infirmary with a bad case of uglyface.

Ruan the Prior is still missing and the next place to look seems to be the spooky crypt. Since Arianna the Druid provide light using magic, Nibor the Ranger shakes the scary feel and casually pockets an everburning torch as he finds out it isn’t actually heating anything. They descend the steep stairwell under the altar and enter the crypt where former priests are resting. The air grows chill as our heroes find themselves cornered by the ghost of Marel, priest of Iomedei. Marel is unrelenting in his hatred for the servants of Braal and the three only barely convince Marel that they a friends of the Priory and are looking for Ruan. Marel demands they prove it by finding the Book of True and Present Light. They do, and in such a convincing manner that Marel offers a blessed aspergillum to Bonus the Alchemist, who gratefully accepts.

While the ghost returns to his slumber, Nibor cleans up the goblins who woke Marel up in the first place and the adventures leave the crypt through a rocky tunnel going further underground. They arrive at a large and suspiciously quiet cave filled with stalactites/mites/whatever. The far side half of the cave is a chasm and as they are looking over the edge, the group is attacked by a pair of zombies. They are charging surprisingly fast from their hiding from the side of the chasm and they begin to shove the elven druid towards the edge as the adventures scramble to defend themselves. No one is especially eager to stand in the front line but Bonus finds his newly gifted weapon and fills it with holy water. As the zombies come in for another bull rush, the aspergillum comes down hard and both undead are soaked in holy water and are slain in one fell swoop. Some gods may be against Bonus but Iomedei isn’t one of them!

Another two zombies charge from a hole. They are kited and slain mostly from a distance with darts, bolts and arrows. After the battle the adventures begin to climb down a ledge on the 70 feet chasm using a rope. Each of them wavering dangerously at some point all three get down with only scratches. Once at the bottom the group moves towards an opening where water can be heard, that is, if you don’t fumble your attempt to listen.

4. ... There just might be a Gremlin in your house


The sound of the screams led them to the infirmary. Here they found one of the inhabitants of the monastery under attack by skeleton. Skilgannon leads the charge and inflicts heavy damage on the undead creature and Hoegefar follows up with a well-placed arrow, which makes the skeleton shatter into pieces. Upset with the frag-steal Skilgannon rushes on to find more enemies.

The latest intern in the party who goes by the name of Bonus finds an evil half-goblin outside the monk chambers. Before he can take action, the half-goblin hits him with evil and colorful magic sending him into a trance. Skilgannon and Briana chases the goblin and strikes it down without mercy. When they search the cell of Tomas they discover, that the chamber shows sign of battle and blood spatter on the wall, but there is no sign of Tomas.

Now the only place left to check for goblin invaders is the Main Hall.
The party kicks in the large door to the main hall and charges in. They find a group of goblins trying to destroy the old monastery relics in the Main Hall. The fighting goes well and the main part of the goblins are slain almost immediately. During the fighting goblin arrows shoot out from a hidden archer. Skilgannon goes into a mindless frenzy and completely disregards every rule in the “party-fighting-protocols”. He steps into the cross fire of Høgefar and takes an arrow in the back. The potent shot knocks him off his feet and results in a coma. In the meantime, an especially evil looking goblin mage stands at the altar with a dagger raised above his head. Below him on the altar is the lifeless body of Tomas.

Malvenos appears in the door of the Main Hall and sees that Skilgannon is out cold and needs help. He gives him a healing potion and in the blink of an eye, the mindless killing machine known as Skilgannon is back on the rampage. He slays the goblin mage before it can strike its dagger into the chest of the unconscious Tomas and ends the attack of the goblins.

3. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

A couple of days before Malvenos Liaiamne had seen tracks in the snow to and from the gate as if someone had been sneaking around.

When the party turns in for the night in their room it is with the old lock-on-the-and-barbarian-in-front-of-the-door-trick. Hours later they jump from the beds awoken by loud noises from outside. The noise apears to be an open door to the justice hall flinging in the wind. But the question is who could have opened the door. Inside on the floor is a dead and mutilated fox.

While Skilgannon wakes old Ruan Gloyne Briana Waters brings real help in person of Malvenos Liaiamne.

Next morning as the honest hearted bury the fox in the garden a window suddenly blows open in Ruan Gloynes room which is soon cold and full of snow. No magic or poision is present and before anyone can be puzzled a cry is heard from nearby Ythel Frayne who was inches from beeing struck dead by an overlay stone from the door to his cell. Allready scared Rosenn Ursell barricades herself in her cell – refusing to enter an uncertain dangerous world. Beliving in honesty Briana Waters is helpfull enough to asure her of the truth in her fear.

During the night the party keeps watch and Nibor Hoegefar learns the dangers of cold weather and Skilgannon learns that barbarians should listen to others or freeze. A secret hug-and-rub-a-thon is held by the cold heroes to get their blood pumping. All very professional and only for survial of course….

Briana Waters searches the kitchen and find a hidden pot of poision which she carries to safety in their room.

Next day the storm quiets and Tomas Lelean ask them to help gathering fire wood. On the edge of the forrest on a small hill overlooking the abbey and the gate they find footprints from what must be goblins.

At return they discover the staues of Iomedei have been turned over and smashed.
The night is yet again spend on watch – and this time someone comes visiting. Three shapes appears and reveils themselves as two goblins in the courtyard and an undead lurking in the shadows by the door to their chamber. Briana Waters turns her magic waterhose on the goblin shaman as Nibor Hoegefar
realizes undeads are not stopped nor bothered by arrows.
Skilgannons style of fighting lack the elegance and proves effective. Merrily chopping down the first goblin he rushes to the aid of Nibor Hoegefar.
After some brutal wawing of the swords Nibor Hoegefar is slashed in the eagerness of making the undead both un and dead. Maybe it is not only the ugliness and lacking social skills that is hampering Skilgannon.
The shaman weakened by the powerfull magic is send to the ground by a lucky swing by Skilgannon. A bit of magic brings back the dazzled Nibor Hoegefar. Going to
Malvenos Liaiamne they learn that he in the darkness of his chamber slain two goblins.
Now gathered they rush towards the screaming from the other inhabitants.


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