11. All aboard the empty ship!

We followed Nibor’s bird which lead us to the house of the Pathfinder Society in Cassomir, where we were greeted by Hestia Themis. She offered a quick entry into the Society if we sold the Evil Book to them. We agreed and Galdan chose to follow the book to Corvosa, where he is going to study it in company of the Society elders.

Today we got our first mission as Pathfinders. Dozens of citizens of Cassomir have been abducted over the two last month. The Pathfinders have looked into the case, but now one of our own, Cestis, have been abducted and we must take action. At the same time a member of the rivaling organisation, Aspis Consortium, has been abducted. His name is Kafar and his young companion Nefti has contacted the Pathfinder Society to plead for help and to offer information. These exceptional circumstances call for cooperation between the organisations and we have been chosen to solve the situation, following the nervous young man, Nefti.

We are lead to the harbor, to an inn closed down for repair, where the abductors were last seen. Inside we find rats of all kinds: Small rats, big rats, ratmen and a human rat catcher who seems to control the smaller ones. A ball of fire, several bombs and some slicing and dicing later we free the abductees in the inn.

Kafar is among them and he tells us all of them were attacked and caught an auction house by some foul-smelling half-orcs. The head of the auction quotes on of the half-orcs:
“When Ismako arrives, we’re going to earn a lot of money for the cause, by selling all of these slaves on the market in Cheliax.”
We conclude that the abductors must be cultist from the evil, warring nation out west. The man from the auction house also tell us that Cestis of the Pathfinder Society was taken from the inn and possibly brought something called ‘the Prancing Prince’. Our guess is that it’s a ship or a boat so we hurry out to look for the it, while Nefti and Kafar and the rest return to their homes.

The harbor office is closed so Nibor is extremely generous towards some young beggars who point us in the direction of the large galleon. The figure at the front of the galleon represents Prince Stavian, the leader of Taldor. Bonus and Skilgannon dress up as sailors while Nibor sneaks aboard the ship. On the deck we find nothing but the sound of the ocean and the creaking of wood. Under deck we find boring ship’s logs, including the information that the ship originally was a slave ship from Quadina. We also find ballastis without bolts and only food enough to get to Wescrown in Chilliax. The rooms with papers have not been used recently, but the beds have. The ships seems deserted until we enter the lowest level. Four half-orcs stand waiting for us, unarmed but intimidating. On the far side of them sit a group of abductees bound in manacles.


The harbor office is closed so Nibor is extremely generous towards some young beggars “ohhh yeah he is”

11. All aboard the empty ship!

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