9. The Caves of Dark Obedience

Amidst the commotion Bonus arrives in the caves and grabs a flask from his belt. Skilgannon yells in a hoarse voice, something about a reward. He grabs a barrel of wine and jolts towards the outside. Galdan steps over Briana without hesitation as she stumbled in an attempt to help Galdan with his barrel. Everybody is moving towards the exits when footsteps of the enemy are heard. Bonus throws a grenade blindly down the tunnel, but five undead warriors emerge, unfazed and charging.

Brianna falls within seconds of standing up, as she and Bonus is under attack in the wine room. Bonus holds the position and uses holy water to even the odds. Skilgannon was intercepted in another hallway but manages both his and Bonus’s opponents.

Amber has run ahead and found the rest of the captured caravanners. They are healed while they give Skilgannon a letter from one of the fallen to his loved one, Kerig to Axlan. The caravanners go outside the caves while the the weathered adventures keep exploring the tunnels.

On archways and walls around the are written quotes from the hobgoblins and from writings to Braal, the dumb god with a half a brain. “Prepare yourself! You are entering the home of the Brimstone Baron”, “Hail Braal” and “For every life you take, you get back your own”.

The adventures trigger a trap which releases a black cloud of energy. They stab at it, seemingly without results, until it explodes in storm of negative energy. Further down the tunnels a giant spider ambushed Skilgannon. With the limit room the the tunnels, Skilgannon is left to exchange stabs with the spider until it falls down the hole it came from.

Another two zombies are found and bombed to pieces and another two ever burning torches are put straight into pockets. In the next room a short ghostly shape stands alone. The room is the only without scriptures on the walls likely because the hobgoblins were afraid of the ghost. The adventures talk to her and find out the she was eaten by the spider 400 years ago and really only wants to get out and away from the eating mouths. They decide to escort her out and she is very grateful.

Back in the caves, large pentagrams and tall symbols accompany another three zombies to be blown up. Brianna pulls a pony from her back pocket and Skilgannon decides to cover it in zombie gore with a devastating blow. The intensity increases in the next room. It is extremely uncomfortable and very clear that this room is for celebration of the dark god, Braal. A large zombie wielding a bastard sword stands in front of an altar. Everybody, including the pony, tumble through the door and the zombie is quickly surrounded by heroes, stable animals and plants growing from the floor. Galdan takes some major hits before Iomedei shines through and the servant of Braal is slain by the holy aspergillum.

Back at the mansion the heroes are celebrated and half the wine they saved is probably gone by the morning. Also Galdan picked up an evil tome from the altar, which turns out to be the Book of Dark Obedience, a description of rituals for sacrifices and summoning undead. Now the group is set to find a buyer for this extremely valuable tome without letting it fall into the wrong hands.



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