Bonus Santar

Runaway Alcemist


Young, tall and blond, with a nervous attitude and posture. His coat is filled with vials, potions and explosives. Bonus is not afraid to throw a bomb in a risky situation to prove his worth, mostly because he tends to forget how unlucky he is.


Bonus was raised by his mother in a small village by the river. From a young age he was taken as the apprentice of the local alchemist, Chellwise, who had his workshop in the watermill. Bonus was never especially clumsy, but somehow his experiments and project always went wrong in a spectacular way. That made all of the village look down on him, even his own mother. Bonus himself was certain that all his misfortunes come because he has angered the gods somehow. One day near the end of Bonus’s apprenticeship Chellwise was nowhere to be found. The workshop stood empty and nobody had heard anything. Bonus had to stay in the village to check on the workshop and continue his masters projects until his return. No more than a week later, Bonus had messed up and the workshop, his mother’s house and a part of the river was on fire, burning with a purple flame. Naturally, the villagers had had enough and Bonus was chased away by his own mother, only escaping with the most essential things from the alchemist’s workshop.
Now Bonus has found a a group of adventurers to roam the world, looking for recognition, knowledge of alchemy and, not least, his lost master.

Bonus Santar

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