Nibor Hoegefar


Nibor had always been poor. His parents were poor farmers and he was the only child, since her mother died giving birth to him. His farther died, when Nibor was in his teens and he was not able to run the smallholding by himself, so he was forced to abandon it and the tiny field of poor land that belonged to it.

In order to stay alive he started to hunt in the kings woods. This required a lot of skill and a sneaky approach, since poaching in the kings woods carried the death penalty.

Now as a poacher he finally had enough food and materials to stay alive and live a somewhat stable life. The game in the woods gave him both food on the table and wares to trade in the cities. It was much more safe and profitable to steal from the nature than to steal from the townspeople.

One day on a hunt a great black direbear caught his sent before he caught the sent of the bear. The fight was short and after a few moments he was on his back with the bear standing tall above him. Then all of a sudden a great grey hawk swooped in from the sky and clawed out the eyes of the bear, allowing Nibor to escape while the bear and the hawk battled. He returned to the site later that day in order to get back his bow and arrows which he had left in his escape. At the site he found the great dire bear dead and the grey hawk close by. The hawk was mortally wounded from the fight and Nibor took it upon him to care for it until it was ready to fly again. Winter was coming and the hawk was sure to die. If the wounds didn’t kill it then the hard trials of the winter surely would.

When the winter came to an end the hawk was fully recovered. Nibor and the hawk had developed a close friendship, but he had to set it free. During the winter, and through his friendship of the hawk, Nibor had learned, that great animals should not be trapped inside the walls of a house. Now Nibor still hunts in the kings forrest, but now he no longer takes any more than he needs from the nature.

Nibor Hoegefar

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