Tall, athletic and with a mohawk-style haircut, he is a swordsman and hunter of the wild wolf tribe from the Taldak plains. He was pretty once, but the raking of a lion has left him horrible disfigured.


Skilgannon is in love with the daughter of the chief Druss of the tribe. But his corting has been rediculed by everyone in the tribe – partly due to Skilgannon being so horrible disfigured and partly because he is poor – even by nomadic standard.

During the most recent meadhalle – under heavy mead influence – Druss anounced in front of the entire tribe that if Skilgannon could pay him 1000 sheeps he would wed them himself. This caused the entire tribe to errupt in laughter.

The experience caused Skilgannon to shave his head in the carrectiristic mohawk style, that shows his dedication to the task of gathering the 1000 sheeps.

Skilgannon hasn’t been seen on the Taldak plains sense then.


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