12. Abandon ship!

Bonus throws óne bomb that kills one of the half-orcs. First blow from Skilgannon also kills a half-orc. Nibor is the first one to hit and miss (embarrasing) – much like Skilgannons luck with girls he mumbles.

Bonus misses his attack but the bomb splashes all over Skilgannon, who skillfully deflects some of the fire to the nearby half-orc who drops dead.
Skilgannon strikes the last one down as it looks on in horror as Skilgannons gets even uglier by the flames.

Here they find the prisoners. Who explains “Sestis was with us, but we were split up. The only word they could decipher out of their strange orcish language is “Luscilia”.

Nibors hawkeyes detects a hatch that gives access to the hull of the ship – where he finds as much gold as a gipsy has in his pockets.

Skilgannon hears a woman shout “Asmodues – where are you my orcs”. Like a viper in the tall grass – the party starts to sneak up through the ship getting ever closer to the prey being a woman shouting to the orcs about the condition of her slaves.

Once they are on deck, they see a cleric like woman and 2 zombies!
Bonus throws holy water on the two zombies and Skilgannon enlarges his penis to double size! – moves up to the lady and whisper-shouts to her “nu slår jeg dig kraften æde mig ihjel” (på nordjysk).

Skilgannon kills a zombie but his flurry of blows nearly causes him to fumble. The evil woman withdraws but Bonus gives her a cloud solution causing her – he hopes – to lose her spell casting abilities.
Nibor tries to make a porcupine out of the last zombie. This just causes it to get angry and it delivers more damage to Skilgannon than the taunting of his tribes chieftain ever could. But THIS makes Skilgannon very angry and his now penis enhanced swords cuts it to pieces.

A brave move by Bonus saves the day, as he moves up to evil Cleric and throws a bomb in her face from 5 feet away – which blows her to kingdom come.
The prisoners scatter into the city night, and the feeling of being robbed is once more in Skilgannons heart. He mumbles, that a successful hunt always brings glory, trophy and bounty to the hunter.
On the clerics body they found a letter and a map.
To my dearest Lucilia,
X-marks the spots
Signed Dalirio Teppish

The x is marked on the large shipyard.

In the pathfinder society, Hestia tells the party that the Teppish family used to very well renowned in Taldor in the olden days. It was thought that the family was extinct.



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